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Oreon produces and develops highly efficient and sustainable LED grow lights, especially for greenhouse horticulture.

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Water Cooled LED Lights

First things first: a fixture must be cooled to prevent overheating. If you don’t, it will affect the lifespan and light output of the lamp. Oreon is the only supplier that opts for water-cooling because there are multiple benefits of water-cooling. Suppliers of LED fixtures choose an active or a passive cooling system.

The heat is removed from the lamp but what happens with it? With the water-cooling technique of Oreon, the fixtures ar​e constantly cooled with water and the gained heat can be reused because it is stored separately. 

Besides energy savings, this high-end solution therefore offers great water-cooling advantages. Not only for the grower, but also for the field of sustainability.



Oreon developed a unique, active water-cooling technique to cool its LED fixtures and to ensure a low operating temperature, benefitting the light output, efficiency and the lifespan of the electronics and leds.

Using water cooled LED grow lights enables a grower to separate light from heat resulting in a controllable greenhouse climate; less radiant heat means fewer temperature fluctuations, resulting in stable temperature, humidity and CO2 values. Another advantage is the possibility of reusing the dissipated heat. By making use of a heat exchanger, this energy can be re-used to heat the greenhouse (if necessary) or increasing the temperature of, for instance, spray water.

Take a look at the video below to find out how the water-cooling technique works.


This latest LED grow light of Oreon produces a light output up to 3800 μmol/s at 1010 W with an efficiency of 3.8 μmol/J. This makes the Monarch the smallest and most powerful LED fixture available in the market.

Click here for the Monarch Technical Data Sheet.


The Empress LED fixture (670W) is available in various light spectra with a wide or narrow beam angle: this means that the most optimal light uniformity can be achieved for every type of crop.

Click here for the Empress Technical Data Sheet.

G&V Greenhouse Solutions, LLC in Sunman, Indiana is in a partnership with Oreon.

Oreon produces and develops highly efficient and sustainable LED grow lights, especially for greenhouse horticulture. The unique water cooled concept ensures the LEDs and electronics are continuously cooled, regardless of the ambient temperature in the greenhouse.

This ensures the lamp always performs optimally and the life of the components is extended. Request a light plan today.