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Make Sure That Your Greenhouse Stays in Excellent Condition

Our goal is to keep your greenhouse structures in tip-top shape.

Check Out the Structures We Build

Greenhouse Installations and Repairs

G&V Greenhouse Solutions, LLC in Milan, Indiana is a full-service greenhouse builder. Even after your greenhouse is built, we can keep providing installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our goal is to keep your greenhouse structures in tip-top shape.

Boiler Installation/Heating Systems

We do high-quality installations of boilers and heating systems. We also complete repair works on existing heating systems.

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Irrigation Installations and Repair Works

Whether the pipe is PE or PVC, our company can accommodate your installation needs. Irrigation is the heart of your facility.

With new or existing greenhouses, sometimes your grower would like a change to their system. G&V also does modifications and repair works. We can provide parts as needed as well.

Screening and Repair 

G&V provides customers with screening installations, screen repairs, and parts and pieces for the screening systems that you have.

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