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Greenhouse Construction

We are the "Greenhouse Construction Specialists". We offer diversified services, and we are quality focused.

Discuss Your Greenhouse Project With Us

Building Greenhouses From the Ground Up 

G&V Greenhouse Solutions, LLC is a trusted greenhouse builder in Milan, Indiana . We are proud to be able to build for any greenhouse manufacturer, providing clients with custom-made solutions to meet their greenhouse needs:

  • Greenhouse Structures
  • Greenhouse Construction
  • Supervision
  • Installation Services
  • Building Management
  • Screening
  • Irrigation
  • Maintenance
  • Retrofitting
  • Repairs


We work with reputable companies in the United States and Holland to bring you the supplies you need, when you need them. Every greenhouse is different, so we listen to your specific requirements and promptly provide you with tailored solutions.


All employees are OSHA 10- or OSHA 30-certified with MEWP certifications. We provide investment groups and companies with a safe alternative. G&V Greenhouse Solutions, LLC pays workman’s compensation to the state you work in, and pays their employees overtime and all taxes. We hire individuals that want a safe build and follow OSHA guidelines.

As greenhouse builders, we see what is trending and what is acceptable according to OSHA rules and regulations. We have cut the old ways out. We want our employees to go home at night, safe and uninjured.

Investment Groups

We provide investment groups and companies with a safe alternative from traditional and outdated building styles that can be very accident-prone. G&V wants all employees to be safe and sound at every job site. Safety for our employees is very important. We provide daily and weekly conversations about safety.


G&V has insurance for all of our greenhouse builds, installation, and repair projects. We also carry a one-year to two year umbrella policies for our customers if requested.